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A little bit of Yoga to help get limber

Yoga to help limber up and gain balance

It is day 2 of our hodgepodge work out plan.  After we did the first workout, we decided there was a need for more flexibility and range of movement.  Its hard doing a lot of the workout’s if you cant do basic bending.  I don’t know if basic is the correct word to call it, but the ability to execute certain exercise movement is key.  For me, bending seems to be a real issue.  I feel as if my body doesn’t bend at times.  My friend Ramon told me to try some yoga to see if that would help me feel better, so that’s what we did.

Enter DDP Yoga

Our friend had a copy and we had some mats lying around.  What could it hurt right?  Well it actually went a lot better then day 1.  However I think that also could of been attributed to the fact that day 1 sucked so bad that nothing could possibly be worse.  We started with some basic breathing workouts, learned the key concepts that DDP has laid out in his workouts, and we were off to a dvd called Fat Burner.

OH MY GOD, I’ve never sweat so much in my life.  It was pretty gross.  As we did the workout they guided us on how to complete it with either going full go, or half ass it.  Half assing it (is half assing a word) was still moderately hard.  All in all the basics were get into the fat burning zone and stay in it.   Now mind you this is the first time i actually heard of a fat burning zone, so i looked it up online.  Online did a great job of making me OCD for a week trying to figure out why this zone was like and disliked in the fitness community.  What i learned was that some people were pro and some were against it, but all said it existed.  It the extent of the workout that determines the fat burning zone.

So with that new information we now ponder the use of a heart rate monitor.  Do they work, is it necessary?  We don’t know, but we have a ex trainer friend who would probably enlighten us next time we see him.   Needless to say after the workout we did go to Big 5 to look at heart rate monitors only to find they might be easier to obtain a better deal on amazon.  Once we pick the one we want I will drop a link here in the article so you can see it.  I might even give it a review if I like it.  But more on that next time.

So now we are looking into workouts that burn more fat in a fat burning zone.  Pretty much everything we have been doing falls into that category, so nothing to worry about yet.  I would like to sit down and maybe get a more cohesive work out plan going so that I feel its more organized.  This first week we jumped around a lot trying to see what we could do and couldn’t do.    Sunday March 29th will be day 3, and I am sure it involves some sort of outdoor cardio.  My ultimate favorite thing in the world…

**Image courtesy of  Markuso at FreeDigitalPhotos.net