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Cardio And The Average Guy – Day 3

Cardio and The Average Guy

Its day three of working out and I know this one is going to suck, cause its Sunday and there are so many things I have to get done, and not to mention we have another workout on Monday because of the way my work schedule worked out.   That’s besides the point, we are still on track.  We have done our three day per week workout plan, and are working on getting everything optimized for the upcoming weeks.  I still don’t know what we are going to do for the weeks I’m off at 9 almost everyday, but we will jump that hurdle when we get to it.

Today we did something I have not personally done since I was in high school.  We set up some makeshift cones out of our water bottles and keys about 40 yards apart and did some sprints.  We did 16 sets running as fast as we could.  and in between every set we did 10 push ups.  This lasted about 30 mins in total.  It was a pretty good workout for someone who has not ran in a while.  After I was done, my legs did not hurt as bad as I thought they would.  Instead I was having a terrible time controlling my breath.  I didn’t find it all that alarming since, this is exactly how I felt when I use to run in high school, only after longer intervals.  I just assumed it was because I had no pre running conditioning going on.  I would say for being the first day running it wasn’t bad.  It could have been a lot worse.  I think Ramon might be hurting a little more.  His knee was giving him an issue half way through the exercise.

As far as the pain from working out, its getting better.  Its no where near the pain i had the first night.  I actually find myself wanting to stretch and move more at work.  Its really something that I haven’t seen myself wanting to do in years.  I figure its like a rolling snow ball.  The more you work out the more your body wants itself to keep moving. Lets hope that’s how its going to work out.

Since we are not committed to a specific day a week to work out, there is a lot that can interfere with getting some exerciser in.   The first being a work schedule.  Since I’m working in retail I have no choice but to plan my workouts either in the morning or in the night.  Ramon works banker hours, so morning is really off limits to him unless we get up at 3 am.  Its going to be hard in the next coming months to make sure we get all three days in.  If we cant arrange the schedule then we are going to have to  find days to work out on our own.  That will be the real test for me, since I feel that working out with someone  helps keep me motivated.

Well one week down, I don’t feel smaller, but  I do feel better.  I haven’t woken up in the morning winded from getting out of bed.  That’s a good start in my book.

**Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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