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Calisthenics And The Average Guy

Jefit Pro Workout Log

First of Many Calisthenic Workouts

It’s March 24th and Ramon and I have started our first work out session.  Above this is a over view of what we accomplished on our first attempt at obtaining better health and fitness.  We used an App called Jefit Pro that had a preset workout that probably would have lasted about 30 mins more, but we were unable to finish some of the sets it required us to do.  However I was quite surprised to how much we were able to do without actually giving in.  For someone who has not worked out since high school, I think one hour was a good step in the right direction.

I’m not going to tell you how Ramon feels, I am only here to give you my account of how I feel after the days work out.  I want this to be a record of how it was for me at the weight and physical limitations I have, so that anyone who is in my shoes can see that it is not so bad even though it really hurts a lot to type right now.  Again, I am sure that is because I haven’t done anything in the area of  exercising for a very long time.

The Workout

Lets talk about the workout a little.  We did some push ups, squats, bridges, lunges, planks, side bridges, crunches, bicycles, and forward lunges.   Each of those consisted of a set of three for the most part.  Its funny because when we started the workout I remember thinking  the sets on the Jefit Pro App seemed like it was going to be hard.  I had to take that frustration of thinking I would not finish and toss that out the door.  I really want this to work out and I tried my best, and failed horribly.  I didn’t fail in the sense of losing motivation, but more of the sense of starting out with the wrong workout.  Prior planing may have been a better idea, but we will live and learn.

The Aftermath of Calisthenics

As said earlier I am sore, but not as sore as I thought I would be.  I work in retail and i think it goes to show that having a job where I have to move heavy boxes all day does helped a little.   My body felt like my legs wanted to fall off but only if i had to step up to something, THANK YOU SQUATS.  My upper body surprisingly did not hurt at all, but probably because I do heavy lifting at work.  My sides did start hurting a little when i had to turn around to greet people at work.  That was probably a mix of the crunches, and planks that caused that minor pain.

Why am I telling you where I hurt?  Well I’ve always been afraid of working out because I didn’t want to be inconvenienced the next day at work, or while hanging out with my family.  Let me tell you, that it was hurting, but i know this pain will go away.  I’m not 100 percent certain it will all go away, but I know the stuff that is a bother to me after a work out will go away.  I may not be able to climb a ladder fast or get in and out of the car faster, but if you really think about it, those are things that in the grand scheme of things do not matter.  I honestly sat and thought about why I didn’t like working out.  It came down to inconvenience.  Well you know what it would be inconvenient getting bigger, and possibly have more health issues down the road.

I hope that someone reads this and takes that first step like I have today. It’s going to suck, I can promise you that, but how much will it suck if you continue living your life without trying to take the steps to get back in control of your health.

Well this is Jeremy’s account of what happened.  Hope to see you back for Day 2 – DDP Yoga workout.


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